Certified Recycled Acrylic

A revolutionary new idea in sustainable solutions.

What are your sustainability goals?

Recrylic® is a revolutionary new product line of recycled acrylic, offered in a full spectrum of colors, thicknesses and finishes. As the world's first and only certified recycled acrylic, Recrylic helps its users to meet and exceed sustainability goals.

With a closed-loop recycling process, Recrylic is both recycled and recyclable – over and over again. Using Recrylic in place of traditional acrylic:

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Reduces waste and landfill

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Minimizes CO2 emissions and carbon footprint

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Reduces use of raw acrylic monomers and water in manufacturing

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Fosters respect for the environment

A clear globe in grass; recycled acrylic
A light bulb in a green field with 2D icons superimposed around the bulb.

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