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What is the Recrylic carbon savings estimate?

The estimate compares the difference in carbon emissions in a given project based on using Recrylic in place of virgin cast acrylic.  The calculation is made based on the estimated acrylic weight of a specific project.  In general, by using 100% recycled material in production, Recrylic reduces carbon emissions by about 90% compared to virgin acrylic.

What are the calculations based on?

Some of the factors that go into the savings estimate include:

Estimated weight of the acrylic used in the project.

Amount of petroleum-based products needed to produce (a) Recrylic and (b) virgin cast acrylic for this project – expressed in both pounds (or tons) as well as the number of barrels of oil necessary.

Estimated carbon emissions for this amount of petroleum usage, based on numbers available on

Difference between the two numbers (Recrylic vs. virgin acrylic).

Average number of cars driven in the U.S. for a full year, based on the amount of petroleum products saved via Recrylic.

How have the carbon savings been verified?

Recrylic commissioned an academic study to develop and verify the calculations.  The methodology and results of this study are summarized in the Recrylic white paper available here.

What can I do with a carbon savings estimate?

Demonstrate progress toward company sustainability goals when using Recrylic.

Gain credit for LEED certification.

Share results with your customers to let them know about your commitment to using eco-friendly materials.

Will all recycled acrylic products have the same emission savings?

No.  Based on the Environmental Product Declarations provided by various recycled acrylic providers, Recrylic offers the most carbon savings available.

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