iPhone product display with illuminated 5G dimensional letters

Recrylic® can be used in virtually any acrylic application:

Custom acrylic retail display in a big box store
Displays + Fixtures
Custom acrylic LED illuminated wall art
Branded + Architectural Elements
Hanging LED Luminaires
LED Innovations
LED Light guide plates
Light Guide Plates
Custom acrylic retail display
Beauty + Health
MAC and Jo Malone store front with custom LED signs made from recycled acrylic
Tables and chairs made from recycled acrylic
Custom acrylic artwork: Floral wall display
Custom Art
Custom wall panels with Model T art; LED panels with recycled acrylic
Wall Panels
Custom acrylic manufacturing precision OEM products
Precision Manufacturing


Can Recrylic be used the same way as virgin acrylic?

Yes.  Recrylic looks, works and performs the same as virgin cast acrylic.  In the vast majority of cases, it can be used as a more sustainable alternative.

What types of applications are the best fit for Recrylic?

Recrylic is a great option almost anywhere virgin cast acrylic is used.  Some examples include:

Retail displays
LED fixtures
Interior and exterior signs2D and 3D artwork
Photo prints
Wall panels
Window frames
ATM and digital screen surrounds
Table and countertops
Architectural + design features
Light guide plates
High-precision products
Many more.

Are there any applications where Recrylic might not be a good fit?

There are a few types of specialty acrylic in which Recrylic is not yet available.  For example:

Added UV protection.  Like any acrylic, Recrylic carries some inherent UV protection.  However, some museum displays use acrylic that has specially added UV filters.  These are not currently available with Recrylic.

Anti-glare applications.  Likewise, Recrylic is not available with anti-glare additives.  However, glare can also often be reduced by other methods such as printing or finishing standard Recrylic.

Extruded acrylic applications.  Currently, Recrylic is available as cast acrylic only.

What kind of testing has been done on Recrylic?

Before entering the market, Recrylic was tested extensively to ensure that it looks, works and performs the same as virgin cast acrylic.  These tests include (but are not limited to):

CNC, router and saw cutting
Laser etching and cutting
Polishing, sanding and finishing
Heat-forming (drape and vacuum forming)
Printing, paint and lamination
Gluing and joining

Our acrylic fabrication experts tested recycled samples for years in a continuous improvement process to ensure that the end product would meet all needs.  Recrylic was introduced only after passing all of these and other tests.

Have there been any problems in using Recrylic so far?

No.  As expected from our testing, Recrylic has performed the same as virgin cast acrylic in all respects.

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