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What's included in the Recrylic video?

The Recrylic video provides a brief introduction to Recrylic – the world’s first line of certified recycled acrylic and the first to be widely available in North America.  The video covers key Recrylic highlights, including how it’s made and contributes to an earth-friendly, closed-loop lifecycle.

Where was the video shot?

The video was shot at Recrylic headquarters – both in our showroom gallery and our employee breakroom.  Both of these locations include dozens of examples of Recrylic and other applications.  To schedule a free tour, please complete the form below or email us at

Can I use the certified recycled logo on my finished projects?

Yes – in most cases.  Finished projects using recycled materials and fabricated by Recrylic are eligible to display the relevant GRS or RCC certification logo, provided they meet a few requirements.  For example, if a fixture includes Recrylic along with other materials, the entire fixture is still considered recycled and eligible to display the RCC logo, as long the weight of the recycled content meets a minimum percentage of the fixture’s total weight.

For details on a particular project, just ask and we can quickly determine if it’s OK to display the relevant certified recycled logo.

Is there anything new since the video was released?

Yes.  Our estimate of the carbon savings discussed in the video was too low.  

After the video was released, we commissioned a formal academic study of Recrylic’s environmental impact.  The study found that Recrylic reduces carbon emissions by 90% vs. virgin acrylic.  And replacing 20 tons of virgin acrylic with Recrylic cuts CO2 emissions by 187 tons (as opposed to 126 tons as shown in the video).  We’ll be sure to update this the next time we update the video!

Can you provide a free carbon savings estimate for my project?

Yes. To request a free carbon savings estimate, click here.

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