Sustainable Practices

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In addition to recycled acrylic, Recrylic® is committed to driving sustainable solutions throughout our operation. Some of the ways we achieve this include:

Recycled Materials

Recrylic also uses other recycled materials to create head-turning retail displays, including:

  • Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM)
  • Recycled + recyclable print substrates
  • Recycled wood + millwork products
  • Other high-performance recycled plastics
Aluminum Composite Material used for retail signage
Hanging LED Luminaires

Energy Efficient Lighting

Recrylic is a leader in using energy-efficient LED lighting in place of incandescent or other less-efficient products. Our illuminated solutions can be UL certified and are guaranteed for three years. Learn more on our LED Innovations page.

Sustainable Packaging

Packing our products so that they arrive at our clients' facilities undamaged is a big part of our job. We do so in a way that uses the most environmentally friendly materials and practices. Some of our solutions include:

  • Paper-based recycled / recyclable packaging
  • Recycled / recyclable bubble wrap
  • Air-filled paper bag packaging
  • Others, as appropriate
Recycled packaging material
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Sustainable Design

Our experienced design engineers continuously seek the most sustainable options for bringing ideas to life.

Sustainable Printing

Our printing and paint operation uses a number of best practices, including:

  • Use of digital printing, where appropriate
  • Use of recycled substrates, where applicable
  • Waste minimization and avoidance of over-runs
  • Recycling and reclamation of waste to avoid landfill, including dust and scrap capture to power electricity generation
An acrylic sheet coming out of a digital printer
Workers at a CNC machine working on custom acrylic retail displays

Plant Operations

We also seek to continuously explore planet-friendly solutions throughout our operations, including:

  • Comprehensive recycling of all materials, ensuring use of the most appropriate disposition methods
  • Capturing air from production equipment and reintegrating it into the operation
  • Capturing heat from production machinery for use in environmental heating
  • Employing water discharge best practices
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