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Check out the latest projects made for sustainably conscious brands – by and with certified recycled Recrylic®.

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Who are the biggest users of Recrylic?

Recrylic is used by several top brands across North America.  They represent a variety of industries, including retail, beauty, banking, apparel, fitness, hospitality and more.

What types of projects are a good fit for Recrylic?

Recrylic is a perfect fit for almost any project that otherwise would use virgin cast acrylic.  This includes retail displays, LED fixtures, signs, dimensional letters and logos, 2D and 3D art, event displays, architectural features and other design solutions.

Because Recrylic looks, performs and costs the same as virgin cast acrylic while reducing carbon emission by 90%, it’s an easy choice to make.

Are there any cases where Recrylic doesn’t make sense?

Only a few.  These include situations in which the following might be required:

  • Extruded acrylic (Recrylic is available only as cast acrylic).
  • Anti-glare additives (contact us to discuss alternatives to these additives).
  • UV inhibitor additives (like any acrylic, Recrylic has some inherent UV inhibiting properties; however, it is not available with extra UV inhibitor additives, which are sometimes used when displaying sensitive artifacts).
Is there a minimum order to purchase Recrylic?

Yes. Recrylic is available to purchase by established businesses with a minimum order.

  • For bulk sheets, we usually require at least 1 pallet.
  • For finished parts and projects, the minimum order will depend on the type of solution.
  • For smaller projects, we recommend that you work with a local acrylic fabricator or printer in your area.  Tell them about Recrylic and see if they are willing to purchase a batch to use in your and other projects.  Because Recrylic looks, performs and costs the same as virgin cast acrylic, they should be able to easily use a batch in their normal course of work.

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