Product Specifications

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Product + Technical Specifications

Recrylic Product Specifications Rev 11.1.2022 (pdf)
Recrylic Technical Data Rev 10.2022 (pdf)
Recrylic Product Overview Sheet (pdf)


What is the minimum order quantity for Recrylic?

In general, we require a minimum order of one pallet for bulk sheet orders. The pallet can be composed of multiple colors, thicknesses and finishes.

Is Recrylic available in custom colors?

Yes, with a minimum order of one pallet

Is Recrylic available with a non-glare finish?

Recrylic is not available with a non-glare additive from the factory. However, depending on the application, we can reduce glare by printing, dyeing or sanding Recrylic to achieve the desired effect.

Is Recrylic available with a mirrored finish?

We can achieve a mirrored finish for Recrylic by applying a vinyl to the second surface.

Is Recrylic available as extruded acrylic?

No. At this time, Recrylic is available exclusively as cast acrylic – which has superior properties for appearance and chemical resistance.

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