Light Guide Panels

A hand holding a light meter over a light guide panel

Innovative Solutions

Question:  How do your signs and displays get illuminated so perfectly?
Answer:  We create custom light guide panels (also known as a light guide plate) inside our signs and displays to evenly distribute brilliant LED light.

  • Recrylic® offers the world’s only 100% certified recycled light guide panels
  • UL and UR certified, as applicable
  • Long-lasting and maintenance-free, with a 3-year warranty
A worker using a laser to create a dotted acrylic light guide panel

1. Laser Dotting

  • ‍We use one of our multiple in-house lasers to etch dots into a Recrylic panel.
  • The placement and spacing of the dots can be adjusted to achieve the desired brightness or depth of the finished piece.
  • Panels can remain flat or can be heat-formed to a curved shape, depending on the project.
A hand holding a light meter over a light guide panel

2, LED Lighting

  • We apply energy-efficient LED lights around the perimeter of the panel.
  • Just as with the latest TV screens or computer monitors, the LED lighting is distributed evenly throughout the panel. Color and warmth can be controlled.
  • We use light meters to confirm the correct illumination.
A worker using light guide panels to create a custom LED illuminated sign

3. Assembly

  • Using the light guide plate, we can create a wide variety of signs, displays, fixtures and more.
  • Our fineline™ panel system, for example, offers a super-thin 1” profile, allowing for stunning edge-to-edge graphics.
  • All of our LED projects are UL certified and come with a 3-year warranty.

Unlimited Applications

Recrylic light guide panels can be used in a wide variety of applications. A few examples of our work include:

Illuminated block letters Samsung logo
Block + Push-Through Letters
Illuminated wall panels of a city scene around the corner of a bank branch interior
fineline™ Frames + Wall Panels
An illuminated brand wall surrounding a restaurant bar multi-screen backdrop
Brand Walls
Custom acrylic mobile phone 5G retail display
Illuminated Displays + Fixtures
Shake Shack illuminated sign custom acrylic signage
Mounted Signs
An SEG wall panel of a rock climber dangling from a cliff
SEG Frames
Hanging LED Luminaires

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