Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Recrylic®?

Recrylic is a product line of certified recycled cast acrylic sheets, available in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses and finishes

Is Recrylic certified recycled?

Recrylic is certified recycled by the internationally recognized Global Recycled Standard (GRS) – which sets rigorous requirements for recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. Recrylic is also certified recycled under the Recycled Content Certification (RCC) standard administered by SCS Global.

Can I use the recycling certification logo on my finished pieces?

Yes, and this is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to using sustainable materials.

Using the relevant logo requires that a certified company (such as Recrylic) produces the finished pieces and that a minimum recycled content is met for the finished pieces. Contact us for details.

How much CO2 does Recrylic save vs. virgin acrylic?

In general, producing one pound of virgin acrylic requires two pounds of petroleum or the equivalent of six pounds of CO2. By replacing virgin acrylic with recycled acrylic, you can help preserve limited resources and reduce the carbon footprint, accordingly.

What colors does Recrylic come in?

Recrylic standard colors include clear, white and black in gloss and matte (P-95) finishes. A full range of custom colors with different grades of light transmission – including smoked and fluorescent options – is also available.

Does Recrylic look and work like virgin acrylic?

Recrylic is similar to traditional (virgin) acrylic in all respects. There may be a slight visual difference with the clear versions, but no difference with all other colors. Recrylic also can be worked similar to other cast acrylic options.

Is Recrylic available for any size project?

Yes. Recrylic is available as with any other acrylic option. Turnaround times may vary, depending on custom needs.

How is Recrylic made?

Please see our Recycling Process page here

Please see our Recycling Process page here

Where is Recrylic available?

Recrylic is available in North America from Acrylic Design Associates.

How do I find out more or get a quote?

To learn more, please contact us at or by calling us at 763.270.6800

What is the difference between Recrylic and other recycled acrylic products?

There are several differences:

- Recrylic is the first recycled acrylic product line to be certified – including both GRS and RCC certification.

- Recrylic is the first recycled acrylic line to be widely available in the U.S. and Canada.

- Recrylic is cast acrylic – providing the highest quality and best chemical resistance.

- Recrylic is available in small / custom batches.

- Recrylic has an environmentally friendlier production process than other recycled options. In fact, the recycling process creates a distillate that helps fuel the entire recycling operation.

- Recrylic offers full-service fabrication, as needed.

Is Recrylic recyclable itself?

Yes. Recrylic is 100% recyclable, over and over again through many uses. If you would like to learn more about options for collecting and recycling your used Recrylic and other acrylic products, please contact us at

What thicknesses does Recrylic come in?

Available thicknesses (inches) include:  .118  .157  .177  .197  .220.236 . 315  .354  .394  .472 .590  .708  .944

How much does Recrylic cost vs. virgin acrylic?

This depends on the specific project, but generally, Recrylic is comparable in price to non-recycled acrylic. To get an exact estimate, please contact us at

What type of projects is Recrylic best suited for?

Recrylic is best suited for any type of project that traditionally would use cast acrylic. These include retail displays, trophies, medical devices, precision products and more.

Does Recrylic come in cast and extruded options?

Currently, Recrylic is available only as cast acrylic.

When can I start using Recrylic?

Recrylic is available now for your projects.

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