LED Innovations Brighten Brands While Highlighting Savings

Recrylic brings the latest LED technology to improve displays and signage

Sometimes, a small dot can make a big difference.

Retail designers, store planners and architects across a variety of industries often face common challenges when it comes to creating illuminated signs, displays and fixtures:

  • How can I ensure the right lighting for my project?
  • How can I be sure of getting a quality product?
  • How can I minimize the environmental impact?
  • Where can I get the best value?

For years, it was difficult to effectively address one or two of these challenges – much less all four – in a single project. Now, Recrylic® is helping clients create eye-catching solutions while seamlessly addressing their questions around quality, cost and sustainability. Here’s how.

Recrylic’s ARRAY™ line of illuminated solutions uses the latest in LED innovations to ensure brilliant lighting across virtually any type of interior application.  As the name suggests, Array includes a wide variety of displays, fixtures, luminaires, window boxes, wall panels and other lighted elements.

Unlike other options, Recrylic achieves uniform, edge-to-edge lighting without shadows or hotspots. For many applications, it does so by creating custom light-guide plates that distribute light evenly.

“Up to recently, signs and panels were often illuminated with strings of lights that roughly corresponded to letters or logos – which can lead to uneven lighting,” said Recrylic President, Bill McNeely, Jr.  “Our custom light-guide plates allow us to get light spread beautifully through any type of project.”

A sign interior showing older-style lighting with wires strung loosely.
Traditional sign lighting (not used by Recrylic), which can lead to hot spots and shadows.

Recrylic uses precision lasers to etch specific dot patterns in its light guide plates.  Similar to a high-end television set, LED lights are placed around the edges of the plate, with hundreds or thousands of etched dots carrying the light evenly throughout.  By controlling the dots and the lighting, Recrylic can achieve the desired brightness, colors and warmth for any given project.  Production is handled in-house, allowing for rapid testing and changes to get just the right effect.

A worker applying LED lights to a light guide plate
Laser-etched light guide plates, used to distribute light evenly

Even better: By using certified recycled Recrylic for its light guide plates instead of virgin acrylic, clients are able to reduce carbon emissions by 90%.  When combined with energy efficient LED lights and other recycled materials, Recrylic can provide a highly sustainable solution for virtually any client need.  All LED projects can be UL certified, helping ensure that they are constructed correctly with the highest safety standards.

One recent project, for example, involved creating more than 2,000 framed signs for a well-known retailer.  Recrylic recommended Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) for the sign body, with Recrylic used for the push-through logos and light-guide plates. The new signs not only reduced CO2 emissions by 90% vs. virgin acrylic, but also were light enough for store employees to install themselves, saving the expense of outside installers.

How else might this apply for retailers, banks, architects and hospitality companies?  In addition to traditional signs and letters, Recrylic can create virtually any lighted item, including custom displays, product fixtures, luminaires, window boxes, wall panels, and more.  As the technology has advanced, Recrylic has been able to create thinner, brighter panels, achieving more stunning results.

A collection of six photos showing different types of LED solutions, including back-lit logo sign, wall panels of a city scape around a hallway corner, interior metal and recycled acrylic apparel logo signs, Samsung logo dimensional letters, ear phone product display and a custom hanging luminaire with cut out "lettuce leaves"
LED Samples (clockwise from top-left): back-lit logo, Fineline wall panels, framed signs, dimensional letters, product fixture, custom luminaire

“One of our most popular LED solutions is our Fineline™ frame,” said McNeely.  “We are able to achieve the industry’s thinnest profile for window and wall frames for single panels or connected systems – allowing for brilliant, edge to edge graphics.”

And the best news of all?  Thanks to its innovative approach, Recrylic is often able to offer LED innovations that are significantly more affordable than competitive offerings.  All projects come with a 4-year warranty and are virtually maintenance-free.

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