Recrylic Showcased in Material Connexion Global Database

Global libraries help designers and architects to explore innovative materials.

Finding the right material for the job can be challenging, especially when looking for sustainable options. Recrylic is now easier than ever to find, based on its recent acceptance into the Material Connexion global database.

Material Connexion (MCX) helps architects and designers to find innovative solutions by curating source materials that enhance the performance, aesthetics and sustainability of their projects.  Founded more than 20 years ago, Material Connexion hosts more than 10,000 unique materials from 7,000 global providers.  The service includes both an online database as well as a dozen physical libraries where members can explore material samples in person, including New York City, San Francisco, Milan, Tokyo, Bangkok and others.

“Material Connexion is a valuable resource for brands, designers, architects and manufacturers who are seeking cutting-edge materials with unique properties and applications,” said Dr. Gayatri Keskar, VP of research for Material ConneXion.  “Recrylic is a strong fit for this purpose and its inclusion reflects its potential as a game-changing sustainable material.”

Based on its aesthetic appeal and versatility, traditional virgin acrylic is a commonly used material for a wide range of custom displays, fixtures, lighted elements, signage, architectural features and other applications.  Unfortunately, like any polymer, virgin acrylic is created from fossil fuels, meaning that producing it drives significant greenhouse gas emissions.  For years, designers and architects had asked for a sustainable alternative to virgin acrylic, but practical options were scarce, particularly in North America.

That’s when Recrylic entered the conversation.  Introduced in 2022, Recrylic is the world’s only line of certified recycled acrylic sheets – including both Global Recycled Standard and Recycled Content certification.  Recrylic offers the same aesthetics, workability and performance features as virgin acrylic – but reduces carbon emissions by more than 90%.  And as a 100% recycled and recyclable material, Recrylic provides a closed-loop solution for users looking to reduce their carbon footprint and landfill use.

Based in Minneapolis, Recrylic offers both bulk sheet sales as well as expert custom fabrication for finished parts and products.  Much of the company’s work comes from the retail, beauty, consumer technology, banking, hospitality and real estate industries.

As one example of its earth-friendly properties, Recrylic was used in 2022 to produce more than 2,000 athletic apparel-branded illuminated signs for a well-known national retailer.  Using Recrylic in place of virgin acrylic resulted in avoiding 150 tons of CO2 emissions – or the equivalent of taking 30 cars off the road for a full year.  Those are the kinds of results which caught the eye of Material Connexion.

“Gaining acceptance into Material Connexion is like being awarded an industry Oscar,” said Recrylic President Bill McNeely, Jr.  “This step recognizes Recrylic’s ability to solve our customers’ challenges around things like aesthetic appeal, usability, availability, affordability and sustainability.  We’re excited to share these kinds of results with our clients – and Material Connexion is a great way to do so.”

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