Survey Shows Recycled Acrylic Important to Retail Designers / Buyers

Recycled acrylic may be a product whose time is coming. According to a recent survey of retail fixture designers and buyers, more than 90% of respondents are interested in using recycled acrylic if it were readily available.

The survey, conducted by Recrylic®, is aimed at understanding current practices and attitudes toward recycled product use in retail fixtures and signage – and recycled acrylic, in particular.  The results showed that there is strong interest in using recycled acrylic, but relatively few are using recycled acrylic, so far.

Some of the survey’s key findings include:

  • 86% of respondents say that it’s very or somewhat important to use recycled materials in fixtures and signage
  • 80% have specific sustainability goals in place related to fixtures and signage
  • 67% are currently using or planning to use recycled materials in fixtures and signage
  • 20% are currently using recycled acrylic

The survey also found that retail designers and buyers are interested in recycling used acrylic fixtures at the end of their lifecycle:

  • 33% say at least half of their used acrylic fixtures currently go to landfill
  • 73% are interested in learning more about a program to capture used acrylic

“We launched this survey as part of our research prior to introducing our own certified recycled acrylic product line,” said Recrylic CEO Bill McNeely Jr. “Clients have been asking for affordable recycled acrylic options, but up to now, they haven’t been readily available.”

To address this need, Recrylic has entered the market as the first certified recycled acrylic to be widely available in North America.  Offered in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses and finishes. Recrylic can be used in place of traditional cast acrylic, helping businesses to meet and exceed their sustainability goals.

Because Recrylic is completely recyclable itself, the Recrylic lifecycle is a closed-loop approach that can repeat indefinitely:

  • Used and scrap acrylic is collected for recycling, instead of heading to landfill
  • Scrap acrylic is processed, using a proprietary method
  • Recycled acrylic is formed into Recrylic sheets in a variety of colors and thicknesses
  • Recrylic is used in fabricating new acrylic products, just as with traditional materials
  • Products are deployed – and remain in use until they are ready to be recycled again


Recrylic closed-loop lifecycle

“Recrylic is committed to helping our clients meet their sustainability goals,” said McNeely. By introducing recycled materials and helping to collect used acrylic from stores, we can help clients to reduce the use of landfill and their overall carbon footprint.”

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