StorePoint Retail: The future is sustainable

Recrylic® shines at StorePoint 2022

The future of retail design is based on sustainability.  That was the message that Recrylic brought to StorePoint Retail last month.  Recrylic was the gold sponsor for the event, which brought together more than 200 retail executives and suppliers for four days of networking in Orlando, FL.

StorePoint Retail is a business match-making event that connects retail executives looking for the latest innovations with relevant suppliers.  Unlike trade show-focused events, StorePoint Retail brings attendees together for focused engagement via two primary methods:

  • Boardroom discussions:  All retail executive attendees are grouped into 8-10 person boardrooms based on their primary interests – such as retail design, custom display manufacturing, print production, installation services, etc.  Suppliers are provided with 20-minute sessions to quickly convey their offerings.
  • 1:1 meetings:  Retail executives and suppliers can also choose to meet in 1:1 appointments, allowing an opportunity to explore further and take conversations to the next level.

In addition, StorePoint Retail also included a variety of keynote sessions.  The opening panel discussion, for example, featured Cynthia Hirsch Ortiz, president of the Retail Design Institute.  Ortiz also participated as part of the Recrylic team throughout the event.

As gold sponsor for the event, Recrylic’s name and logo was prominently displayed throughout the conference center.  Recrylic held two boardroom sessions, with the second session earning a rare perfect rating from attendees and a comment from one attendee that the session was the best she had attended.

Recrylic’s boardroom session focused on the challenge issued from customers to develop a recycled acrylic option that can be used in place of less sustainable virgin materials.  For the solution to be successful, the recycled product needed to look, perform and cost the same as virgin acrylic, while also gaining certification from a leading authority.

The result, of course, is that Recrylic was introduced this year as the world’s only certified recycled acrylic and the only one to meet all client requirements for aesthetics, performance and cost.  Attendees were provided with samples of Recrylic and virgin materials and asked if they could tell the difference.  Since Recrylic looks identical to virgin acrylic, this was a mostly rhetorical question.

“StorePoint Retail is a great way for retailers to learn about industry trends and to meet suppliers that they might not have otherwise met,” said Bill Fairman, Recrylic Executive Vice President.  “And for us, it’s a great way to tell our story and make new connections . . . making it a win-win event all around.”

The next StorePoint Retail is scheduled for January 2023, as the event shifts back to its pre-pandemic schedule.  Other StorePoint events include StorePoint Fashion (aimed at the apparel and beauty industry), StorePoint Fresh (grocery), among others.  For more information on StorePoint Retail, visit

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