Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Top 10 ways recycled acrylic can help achieve sustainability goals

Using recycled acrylic in place of virgin acrylic or other materials can help reduce CO2 emissions by 90%. Here are the top 10 ways that certified recycled Recrylic® can be used in stores, hospitality venues or other locations.

1. Custom Retail Displays

Acrylic offers an ideal mix of aesthetics, durability and cost, making it a workhorse material for a wide variety of business uses. Recrylic brings the same characteristics, making it a natural alternative.

2. Product Fixtures

From simple take-one holders to custom product fixtures, acrylic is one of the most frequently used materials used in merchandising . . . presenting the opportunity for significant CO2 savings.

3. Architectural Elements

Using recycled material in branded environments and other architectural elements can help achieve LEED credits.

4. ATM Surrounds

Recrylic is a great way to display a banking brand in an artful, durable and sustainable way.

5. Light Guide Plates

Light guide plates are specially prepared panels placed inside a sign or other display system to distribute energy-efficient LED light evenly. Recrylic is the only source of certified recycled acrylic light guide plates – which are also UL certified and come with a worry-free warranty.

6. Interior Signs

While not always noticed, acrylic is used in a wide variety of signs, including dimensional letters, push-through logos and framed signs. Here's an example of Recrylic paired with an ACM frame and LED lights for a sustainable sign that requires no outside installers.

7. Wall Panels

Wall panels use a variety of ways to display content – including acrylic, duratrans, fabrics and more. Recrylic can be used both for the creative facing as well as the light guide plate behind the scenes.

8. Window Frames

Like wall panels, Recrylic can be used both to display creative as well as for light-guide plates to distribute light evenly throughout.

9. Artwork

Recrylic is a great choice for displaying original or printed art with a combination of beauty, durability, sustainability and affordability.

10. Luminaires

Recrylic is an ideal material for custom light fixtures, especially when paired with energy efficient LED lighting.

Of course, these are just some of the many ways that recycled acrylic can help you create beautiful, durable, sustainable displays. For more examples, visit and for more information, please complete the form below or contact us at