Grocery Store Art Fixtures


  • Lunds & Byerly's, a leading regional grocery chain, was opening a signature store in a new mixed use development area.
  • In keeping with the overall development's goals, Lunds & Byerly's sought to add original fixtures made from sustainable materials. Shea Inc. provided the conceptual designs.


  • Recrylic® developed two fixtures: a hanging "salad bowl" artwork, along with distinctive LED wall panels.
  • The salad bowl is made entirely from Recrylic certified recycled acrylic. Pieces were cut to shape and etched with lettering via CNC. They were then drape-formed to achieve a round bowl shape and illuminated with energy efficient LED lights.
  • The wall panels include Model T artwork, denoting the development's longtime history as the site of a Ford production plant. Recrylic used its fineline(TM) frames to achieve a borderless 1" profile. Laser-dotted light guide plates and diffuser panels serve to provide brilliant, even illumination from edge-to-edge.


  • Using Recrylic in place of virgin acrylic reduced fossil fuel use by 86%.
  • The new items are not only 100% recycled, but also recyclable, helping create a sustainable life cycle.

Custom illuminated signs; custom unlit signs; recycled acrylic

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