Health Club Privacy Panels


  • Life Time – a nationwide company dedicated to healthy living – wanted to add brandable screens within its athletic centers to add an element of privacy
  • Acrylic was the preferred material, but Life Time was interested in a more eco-friendly solution


  • Recrylic® certified recycled acrylic panels were used for the installations, in place of non-recycled acrylic
  • Branding was applied to the panels via translucent printed vinyl
  • Panels are eligible to include the RCC logo, denoting Life Time's commitment to sustainable sourcing


  • Each location receives 4-5 panels CO2 savings per location = about 3-4 barrels of oil, or 1.5 - 2 tons of CO2
  • Assuming a rollout of 150 locations, that's about 212 tons of CO2 saved – or the equivalent of taking 46 cars off the road, for a full year  

Custom illuminated signs; custom unlit signs; recycled acrylic

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