Kohl's Uses Sustainable Materials to Update Signage


  • Kohl’s, one of the world’s top discount retailers, needed to update some of the athletic apparel signage in its stores.
  • Previous signs were made from traditional materials and were very heavy to handle and install.
  • Kohl’s sought a solution made from lighter weight, sustainable materials.


  • The Recrylic® team recommended using Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) for the sign frames.  ACM features a recycled core, making it lighter and more sustainable than other materials.
  • Recrylic certified recycled acrylic was used for the manufacturer logos – which were created as push-through illuminated letters and shapes.  Recrylic was also used for the custom-built light-guide panels that distribute light evenly throughout the signs.
  • Energy-efficient LEDs were used to provide maintenance-free lighting with minimal electricity use.
  • Rather than printing lengthy installation instructions, Recrylic provided a 1-page sheet with QR codes linking directly to online instructions and videos – further reducing the project’s carbon footprint.


  • Recrylic produced more than 2,200 signs, with different versions for Under Armour, Adidas and Nike.
  • Using Recrylic in place of virgin acrylic reduced fossil fuel use by 86%.  This avoided more than 150 tons of CO2 emissions – the equivalent of taking 30 cars off the road for a full year.
  • The new signs are not only 100% recycled, but also recyclable, helping create a sustainable life cycle.

Custom illuminated signs; custom unlit signs; recycled acrylic

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