More feet, less footprint: Brooks cuts CO2 with help from Recrylic


  • Brooks, one of the world’s top manufacturers of athletic footwear and apparel, was introducing its new line of Ghost Max running shoes
  • Certified carbon neutral, Ghost Max shoes help Brooks to meet its sustainability commitments for a healthier planet
  • Brooks sought a store display that matched its commitment to eco-friendly solutions


  • Recrylic® developed an innovative display for Ghost Max, evoking the shoes’ cloud-like cushioning
  • The displays used certified recycled Recrylic, made from 100% recycled content
  • The “cloud” portion of the display was thermo-formed in-house at Recrylic; material was heated and then vacuum-formed to create a cloud-like shape to display a demo shoe
  • Printing was handled by Recrylic in-house, matching Brooks’ brand and color standards
  • The Recrylic logo was added to the display, highlighting Brooks’ use of sustainable materials


  • After rapid prototyping and approvals, Recrylic produced 425 displays in a matter of days, and shipped to footwear stores nationwide
  • Using Recrylic in place of virgin acrylic helped avoid the use of 38 barrels of petroleum-based products, along with 18 tons of CO2 emissions . . . or the equivalent of taking 3.5 cars off the road for a year

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